Our Methodology

Here's how we think about bridging the health & performance knowledge gap in an era defined by access to information and self-service

The Challenge

How do we empower people to dictate their own expectations and take control over their health & performance?

A majority of us are operating well below the levels of health & performance we were designed for and that we deserve; yet we don’t even realize it. Poor habits fostered by the modern world we live in have impacted our ability to perform at the top of our game and express optimal health & performance. What’s worse, is that we’ve grown reliant on established systems for health & performance that dictate what our expectations should be. The challenges that manifest themselves for individuals are magnified for teams and organizations.


  • Low Energy or Energy Crashes
  • Inconsistent Mood
  • Inability to Focus
  • High Stress
  • “Brain Fog”
  • Structural Issues (e.g. posture, low back or knee pain)
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Depression and High Anxiety

The Way Forward

Our team is passionate about optimizing health & performance for everyone. For many years, the thought of “optimizing” one’s health & performance was intimidating and sounded more like something reserved for robots, professional athltes and Silicon Valley executives. But the truth is, we’re all capable of much more and solving the monumental challenges of the modern era depend on us. Whether it’s space exploration, creating a sustainable planet and solving our energy crisis or eliminating the most pernicious, chronic diseases, it takes high performing individuals and organizations.

Doing so means empowering the masses through building a community of support and providing insights that matter. We’ve developed an approach to health & performance that is simple and flexible. We do all of the heavy lifting by covering important topics and distilling them down into actionable advice.

    Perform True's Vision

    Three key axioms drive our vision for higher health & performance
    “Creating a truly personalized roadmap and unique experience for higher health & performance marries together three key ingredients…”


    What is required to start dictating your own health & performance expectations? At Perform True we believe it’s an arsenal of high quality content and a community for guidance and support.


    Each one of us approaches our performance differently. From a mother of three to an olympic sprinter we want to provide a framework and content for you to approach higher health & performance on your own terms.

    Mind, Body, Spirt

    Optimal health and total human performance requires us to get back to our roots and find that inner balance. Living 100% in our minds, disconnected from the physical and spiritual, is harming our ability to express optimal health & performance.

    HPM ™ | High Performance Methodology

    A science-based framework for approaching your health & performance
    “HPM™ is about making health & performance easier and less intimidating…the keys to success are consistency and simplicity. Finding a way to habitualize self-assessment and awareness opens up doors into the mind and body…doors that allow you to listen, learn and uncover opportunities.”

    The key habit we’re trying to help develop is self-assessment and awareness. Tapping into your Mind, Body and Spririt to understand “where” or “what” your opportunities to improve or maintain your health & performance.


    Of the opportunities you’ve uncoverd during the assessment phase, the emphasis here is to identify and prioritize as few or as many of the opportunities that you would like to improve on.
    Now that you’ve prioritized those opportunities and may have developed a hypothesis as to why they are presenting themselves it’s time to educate. Our content focuses on empowering you through insights that answer your questions and provide solutions to your health & performance challenges.

    Personalization gives you the creative license to develop a plan for health & performance. On as small or large a scale as you osee fit.

    The key here is to set S.M.A.R.T goals – Specific, Measurable, Actionalbe, Realistic and Time-Bound – in order to have the highest probability of success.

    The number one thing holding people back is that they simply never start. Don’t spend weeks, months or years researching the right steps to take.

    Starting equips you with personalized information to validate or disprove any preconeived notions about your own health & performance.

    Whether it’s a minor tweak or a major shift in the strategy we’ve designed for ourself, the iterative process of adjustments, assessment and simply starting will lead to success health & performance outcomes.

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