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Thanks for making it this far and taking some time to check out the team at Perform True and our first piece. In the beginning we’re going to stick to the written format but you can expect some audio and video down the line as we try to deliver some really important insights.

Many of you are probably wondering what the hell Perform True or any website, brand, individual or organization can learn from Home & Garden TV (HGTV) and Do IT Yourself (DIY) Network – aside from how to rip out a wall or re-do your driveway without the help of a professional. And we’re going to get to that but not without a formal (but high-level) overview of who we are and why we’re here.

The Mission

Our goal is simple – empowering individuals and organizations to higher levels of health & performance. Despite seeming illusive, each one of us has a flow state – a state of peak health & performance – and we want to help you get there.

The human body is truly amazing.  Unreal ability and resiliency. To put it in product terms, our bodies “went live” with all of the must-haves for survival and through the different iterations of our survival, we’ve covered all of the nice-to-have features too. Mastering our social abilities and using our massive brains to invent things that have propelled us to new heights . Sure, we’ve got some bugs like chronic disease, other illness or disability and we don’t live forever. But we’ve got the most advanced operating system, highly sophisticated analytical & problem solving capabilities and a motor that can has pushed us to places we’re not even supposed to be (e.g. Mt. Everest). But the truth is we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to the performance our body’s architecture is capable of.

A majority of us have accepted operating sub-optimally in part because we never knew we were underpforming in the first place. Should we raise a health & performance issue to a physician or another trusted professional it’s commonplace to hear “your getting old” or “that’s normal” or “I’ll write you a script for XYZ”. Our new norm is to struggle physically, cognitively and emotionally in such a reactive model for health & performance. And it’s fostered a “crutch” mindset in many of us. Despite this, we have a wealth of information available, enabling us to implement small (or large) changes that have profound impacts on health & performance.

Everyone has a different way of looking at their health & performance and we encourage that. But contrary to popular belief, better health & performance isn’t always about “fixing” problems – it’s about having the self-awareness to proactively identify opportunities to improve and uncovering potential issues ahead of the curve. And that’s part of the message we want to get across whether your a stay at home mom, college student, young professional, corporate executive, Olympic athlete or soon-to-be retiree…we all have opportunities to better our health & performance.  When we establish SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Focused, Time Bound) in conjunction with actionable insights and methods, finding that flow state becomes our new norm.

“Performance” has become such a ubiquitous term, used in every industry from strenght & conditioning, healthcare and medicine, to lifestyle and “bio-hacking”. It’s created some blurred lines as far as barriers go in an industry consisting of everyone from healthcare practicioners (MDs, Funcitonal Medicine Doctors, etc.), betterment gurus, sport & fitness professionals, life coaches (haha) and bio-hackers. While we do believe some of these folks are truly doing “god’s work” and providing tremendously valuable insight, most are focused on one facet, or at best a subtle combination of: nutrition, cognitive function, fitness, movement & bio-mechanics (“structural integrity”), psychology & mindset, disease-prevention, stress management, mental health, etc.

We believe that health & performance and longevity is achieved through a much more proactive and integrated approach to movement, mindfulness, nutrition and growth & development; and we aim to distill the most relevant and actionable insights. Look out for a future post where we’ll deconstruct and dive into more detail on how we define performance, flow state and our industry perspective…

***Disclaimer: We’ll never claim to be experts in any of the fields we discuss and we’ll be the first to cite our sources and give credit where it’s due.

Our Performance Process (Methodology): PTP²

Health & performance doesn’t happen overnight (in most cases). It comes down to becoming more acute and aware. Developing a level of self-awareness that lends itself to a perpetual state of being “in-tune” – with how your functioning, feeling, thinking, interacting and executing the daily tasks you’ve set out for yourself….getting closer to your own version of flow state. We’ve put together a simple and scientific-method backed framework for approaching the health & performance goals you establish.

At it’s heart, it relies on finding, distilling and delivering the most insightful health & performance content and information to you. The best methods and guidelines for improving all facets of health & performance. We start with our three performance pillars: Mind, Body, Spirit. Second, we dive into our performance levers (a growing list centered on mindfulness, movement, nutrition and growth & development). From there, we give you the freedom to leverage our content and insights in our six step approach to performance, called PTP2.

To see our full performance process, click here: Methodology

Empowerment: The Gift of HGTV and DIY Network

Watching HGTV or DIY Network when your parents were in charge of the TV remote was both boring and terrifying at the same time. In retrospect, not only were some of the shows interesting but also extremely beneficial and practical for everyday use. The problem back then was that you could see the neurons and synapse pathways firing in the brains of your parents as they dreamed up the next home improvement project…and for the kids that meant spending a weekend in the basement or the backyard.

For parents though, if they were dedicated to the “do it yourself” mantra these networks preached, they were empowered to do jobs that would otherwise be labeled as “way above their paygrade”. In order to get things done effectively and efficiently (saving tons of money as a DIY’er) they simply had to pay close attention to the show, refer back to the internet to fill in some details, recruit the kids or neighbors and possibly consult with the guy in the materials section of home depot. Boom: interlocking retaining wall fully equipped with an underground drainage system complete and your inground pool protected from ground run-off.

So what’s the point? Both networks empower you to do more. To do the jobs that would otherwise be out of your league. That other handymen or contractors traditionally would have done for you but with a heftier price tag. And while economically the contractors and handymen may be the losers, companies like home depot and lowes employ thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people – so I won’t harp on the economic impact of DIY’ers (or DIY health & performance enthusiasts).

Our intent is to have a similar impact on your health & performance needs. The world we live in today is defined by overwhelming access to information, 24/7 interconnectivity and seemingly endless possibility. Let’s get proactive. We no longer have the excuse of “not knowing” when it comes to health & performance – especially the simplest, easy to implement, minimum-effective dose strategies that can profoundly improve on our ability to think, feel, move, connect, interact and ultimately perform!



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