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Our flagship podcast sets out ot make health & performance less intimidating and help you reach your definition of optimal performance throgh interesting coversations with practitioners, enthusiasts, doctors, entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and many more who are living health & performance on a daily basis.



onair w/conair

Conor Bollinger aka “ConAir” is an Amateur-Elite Triathlete based in Limerick, Ireland. ConAir is a New Yorker through & through who’s looking to provide his audience with the grooviest podcast this side of the Hudson. In addition to interviewing fellow sports enthusiasts, he’s sharing training, nutrition & lifestyle advice to help you PerformTrue.




Our written content is based in research and experimentation with the goal of getting you clear and actionable insights. Got something you’d like to see us touch on? Reach out.

Healthcare Re-imagined | A Future Patient-Provider Experience?

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were aboard one of those ships in Star Trek? Because I haven’t, nerd! But I have thought about how rapid innovation in technology and disruptive startups have upended almost every industry. It seems like Healthcare and that entire patient provider experience is bound to be one of the next dominoes to fall. But what in the hell will it look like? Here’s my thoughts…and art(s)…

High Performance Lab | Podcast Preview: 6 Stress Management Strategies for the Corporate Athlete

Later this week we’re going to be releasing Episode 1 | Part 2 of the High Performance Lab podcast where we’ll be going into depth discussing strategies for managing stress and not letting stress manage you. In this short post we’re providing a preview of what to expect in the podcast. Tune in for the detailed discussion.

Cognitive Enhancement | Product Spotlight: CILTEP by Natural Stacks

We’re kicking off our content focused on Cognitive Enhancement. The goal will be to hone in on the research and innovation in this space in order to bring you the best methods and options for improving mental performance: focus, clarity, endurance, memory and overall cognitive function.

The Ketogenic Diet | Observations from Six Months of Nutritional Ketosis

In this long but insightful post, Adam shares his thoughts and observations from six months of nutritional ketosis and the ketogenic diet. A timely read as consumers of medical, health and performance products, services and information are starting to behave like those in other industries – dictating their own expectations. On the heels of groundbreaking research and widespread popularity of health & performance approaches that defy conventional wisdom, the ketogenic diet has been lauded and criticized as of late for it’s high-fat, low-carb approach.

Outside The Lanes | 5 Finance Tips for Milllennial Mindfulness

“Outside the Lanes” is a content mini-series that defies staying in yo’ lane and ventures outside the traditional scope of health & performance – to unpack concepts and insights that might not seem obvious but have trickle-down effects on your health and/or performance. We’re debuting it here and kicking off with five (5) of the biggest financial tips and advice from Adam, a former wealth & asset management consultant. Reason being: finances are a huge stress producing agent for most of us, especially millennials; but there are many ways to simplify your finances and get back to focusing on what we call benefit generating activities.

Intro to Perform True & What You Can Learn (Re-Learn) from HGTV and DIY Network

Welcome to Perform True and thanks for stopping by! In this blog we touch on a quick overview of our who, what, why and remind everyone the importance of empowerment and a do-it-yourself mindset.

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